About US

Brad Allen, Owner and Lead Shooter and Editor

Brad Allen

Brad is the head of Sky Orphan Productions. He has a degree in Film and Media Arts from Temple University and has been shooting weddings and music videos for over 10 years. He loves making beautiful images and films that mean something to the people in them.

Jenna Pastore, Associate Shooter

Jenna Pastore

Jenna is a graphic artist and pre-school teacher on weekdays, and films and photographs weddings on weekends. You can see her cut paper designs and illustrations on Swoon City Art.

Kylene Spade, Associate Editor

Kylene Spade

Kylene is a detail-oriented video editor and is excited to be joining our team in her first season editing for us. You may see her friendly face at expo's and events as she loves love and is excited to be a part of the wedding industry.