Angela and Andrew

I had a great time shooting Angela and Andrew’s wedding photos. In addition to being a welcome break from a summer of mostly video shooting, their wedding was a fun break from traditional wedding locations. They got ready at the Mount Airy Casino, and then got married outdoors at Barley Creek Brewing Company where they then partied on into the night. Their wedding was full of laughs, music, good food, good brews, and even some late night whiffle ball. Angela and Andrew themselves were so easy-going and I hardly had to direct them at all. They just kept doing adorable things and sharing genuine affection that comes across in their photos. All in all, their wedding was a DIY delight.

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Hayley + Jared

Hayley and Jared's wedding was incredibly fun to shoot! It was a relaxed day, with a lighthearted and goofy bridal party, and the church was just a short walk across the street from the venue, Tabora Farm and Orchard. Hayley wore her mother's vintage 70's dress for the ceremony, and later surprised Jared with her second light dress for the rest of the day. After an evening of celebration, Jared got on stage with the band and rocked out on bass.

Congratulations Hayley and Jared!

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