"Caught" by Jessi Lee Ross music video

I recently had the honor of collaborating with budding indie musical artist Jessi Lee Ross on the music video for her song "Caught," which we recorded at my home with cellist Stephen Zalalas, and shot in Allentown, PA with help of her friends Billy and Lauren.

This shoot was a miracle that we couldn't have planned - we met up at a diner and right as we were about to leave it started to hail! We couldn't believe it and thought we might have been out of luck and would have to reschedule. However, the downpour lifted and we thought we would go try to see what we could get. We got everything together and found the spot we were looking for and despite the sun being out in full form it started hailing again. Lauren and Billy bravely pushed forward and we shot this emotional scene in the middle of a sunny hailstorm. In case you are wondering, yes, there was a rainbow, however all of my equipment was getting wet and Jessi was struggling to hold an umbrella together of my camera, so I didn't get a good shot of it in time.

Despite the inclement weather, it made for gorgeous footage and we ended up getting everything we needed in that one afternoon. Please enjoy this beautifully written and gut-wrenchingly emotional song, and share if you like it!


"Caught" by Jessi Lee Ross Music video Directed by Brad Allen Featuring Billy and Lauren Stoy Song produced/recorded by Brad Allen Song written by Jessi Lee Ross Guitar/Vocals by Jessi Lee Ross Cello by Stephen Zalalas Piano by Brad Allen ©2015 Sky Orphan Productions